New name and new shiny website! From Push Print to KEEN Print and Sign

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll have noticed that our name changed a few months ago. You may remember us as Push Print, but in December we got ourselves a fancy new name along with our sister company KEEN Creative (previously Pure Vision), as we all underwent a big ol’ rebrand. And now we finally have a shiny new website to go along with it!

Why the rebrand? Well, we decided it was time for a name that represented our team, our personality, our values, and the work we produce, while creating some consistency across the divisions of our company as we grew. It was a long process (that you can read about here), but we decided that the name KEEN represented everything about us. Push Print and Pure Vision have always been sister companies that work shoulder-to-shoulder, so we both rebranded under the KEEN umbrella, forming KEEN Group of Companies.

We’re KEENers, and we’re proud!

So whether you need signage and printing from us at KEEN Print and Sign, or if you need design, web, or marketing work from KEEN Creative, you’ll know that you’re always dealing with a KEENer.