The Savings of Custom Vehicle Graphics

With there being so much advertising all around us, it’s difficult to really stand out amongst competitors. Over the past few years there have been some major advances in graphic materials, printing technology, and installation techniques that have made it easier and more affordable to wrap or decal vehicles. Designers are really thinking differently when it comes to laying out wraps that are unique. And no they don’t all have to have lightning bolts, flames, or crazy colours everywhere. We believe that subtle things can make a big difference. Either way, these out of the box wraps are the perfect way to really showcase your company everywhere. Legitimately, they are a moving billboard that goes wherever, whenever you are, and often into areas where typical signage is not allowed.

We often have people that shy away from wraps based on the pricing, but the simple truth is that on a cost per impression or monthly basis, they are one of the most economical forms of advertising out there.  For example, you might spend $1500 a month for a billboard to advertise your business. With a full wrap lasting upwards of 5 years, your monthly cost could be as little as $40 a month. Even if you only wanted it on your vehicle for 2 months, it would be less than a billboard. Obviously you’re unlikely to have the same vehicle impressions as a billboard in 2 months, but chances are that your wrap is prone to be more memorable to your audience. Wraps are an awesome way to really build your brand, add legitimacy to your business, and spread awareness about your company, ultimately helping to grow your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities with truck, car, or trailer wraps, contact us or talk to your KEEN Print & Sign Account Executive for more information.